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Volgograd NGO Support Centre is not for profit making, non governmental organisation based in Volgograd (South of European Russia).

Registered official name in English: Volgograd NGO Support Centre (VNSC),
Name in German: Wolgograder Zentrum zur Unterstutzung von NGOs.
It is the local NGO established in 1996 with the support of German partner - "German - Russian exchange" (NGO) as resource centre for local social NGOs to provide them technical support.

At present time VNSC is realising  several international programs in the field of providing social support, professional and youth cooperation.

Main partners in Germany are:
Association Cologne-Volgograd (Cologne),
Amt für Kinder, Jugend und Familie (der Stadt Koln),
IKAB-Bildungswerk e.V (Bonn).

Contact persons:
Ms. Elena Shatokhina, Chairman of board (e-mail: vzpnko(at)gmail.com)
Mr. Igor Chernov, International project co-ordinator (e-mail: igor.tschernow(at)gmail.com)

Official datas:
Established 21.12.1996
Registered 28.02.1997 in Department of Justice of Volgograd region, Russia.
Tax indentification number \ VAT: 3442040478

State registration number : 1023400006310 (Legal Entity) from 11.12.2002
VNSC is registered as a partner in ERASMUS+ programme with Personal Identification Code (PIC) - 942793829